Ratio4Shoes is the platform developed to improve the quality of production processes in shoe factories



Ratio4Shoes is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that requires no installation and consists of comprehensive functional modules for managing specific processes, functions and activities.



This is the module that is used to accurately and reliably know the upper production times based on the configuration of specific sets of operations and groups of operations. This avoids having to cut and add a sample shoe by measuring times.
The algorithms and calculation coefficients are derived from the many years of experience of experts in the field, and their correspondence with actual values has been proven during the use of the software by major shoe manufacturers.


The software application provides two modes of use:
– On Premise with installation at the customer’s computer systems.
– Cloud with use of the software installed at a provider certified by us.

Timing Tabs

This is the heart of the Junction module.
The Timing Tab allows you to define SKU, item, variant, color, description, gender, season, yield, Operations and Groups and to know accurately and reliably the production time of the upper in prototyping, sampling and production.


The system is already configured with over 540 Operations and joining tasks, each of which determines a precise upper production time.
For each operation it is possible to specify the presence of corners, curves, stitch variations per cm, length and number of pieces.

Groups of Operations

More than 80 Groups of Junction Operations are already available, pre-configured and ready to be used in Time Sheets. You can create new Groups and customize existing ones by specifying individual operations per Group and the sequence of time processing.

Materials Management

For each operation, the software allows you to specify whether the footwear is composed of materials that increase the difficulty of processing. A set of ready-to-use Materials is already prepared within the software and can be customized as needed.

Footwear Genre Management

The system allows you to set the Genre of footwear to be produced by choosing from elegant, classic and sports styles. It is also possible to specify the production quality of the footwear such as normal fine and medium. The Genre of footwear chosen is then used in the time calculation.


To obtain the exact calculation of processing times, it is possible to create, edit, duplicate, and customize Coefficients and Factors related to operations, difficulty of special processing, stitches per stitch, and number of pairs per cassette, defining the incidence of the learning curve

Maximum flexibility with Timesheets

Each Timesheet created can be saved permanently, or as a draft and completed later. It can then be searched by SKU, color, season, item, variant, description, revision number, can be edited, duplicated, deleted, exported.

Time Calculation

The distinctive feature of the software is its ability to calculate average upper production times with extreme reliability and accuracy. In particular, it is able to perform the calculation of times for each individual Operation, times per pair, and times according to the learning curve.

Export to PDF

Once a Timesheet has been created it can be viewed from the application, and thus directly on the screen, or exported and saved in PDF format, to be printed, archived, stored or sent as an attachment in an email.


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