Networking and Security

All the assests of a business are stored in IT systems.

Are you sure you have adequate security levels?

The ability of a company to guarantee and preserve generated value, or its security, depend ever increasingly on sharing objectives and competencies. Attention to strategic business processesknowledge of the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructures on which the business is run and awareness of the value of information are fundamental for guaranteeing security levels for the entire life cycle of business networks.

The experience that we have established in both the business processes of our clients and the most effective IT risk management solutions has enabled us to focalize offering areas in the following specific fields of competence of the ICT security market.


As a starting point, we carry out a multivendor network environment assessment, based on an analysis of the network requirements and a risk analysis. We identify the necessary protection systems and trace out an architecture to meet the requirements of the business in terms of both performance and security.


Knowing the needs of the company and the requirements of the business, we analyse and design the network infrastructure, attending to the whole process, from the analysis to the logical and physical design of the solution. Professionalism and knowledge of the market mean we can develop network designs with a high technological value and high level of security.


From verification of the physical network environment to procurement of hardware and software, from installation and configuration to implementation of Management and Monitoring environments. Implemented processes and technologies protect access to company information and assets, at the same time guaranteeing protection of user profiles.

Management and Maintenance

Our Management and Monitoring Center provides comprehensive Network and Security Management services ranging from monitoring to management and optimisation. The network support services include a flexible range of reactive and proactive services aimed at increasing network efficiency, availability and security.

Do you want to improve management of your network?