Within IT systems, all corporate assets are stored.
Are you sure you are equipped with adequate security levels?



Our networking and security services enable organizations to achieve the results of their digital innovations without compromising on performance, reliability and security.

Critical issues in cybersecurity, gaps in Cyber Security, Cyber Crime attacks, and flaws revealed in Cyber Risk Assessments on IT environments, must be mitigated and controlled , by properly designing and managing a complex system of networks, equipment, procedures, and access management to the company’s IT infrastructure

Customization and system

Tailored protection in a general context

Cyber security has long since ceased to be just a technical issue and is also a managerial issue that requires a good understanding of the scenario one faces in addition to technological expertise. Therefore, any company must necessarily consider a tailored approach to building a comprehensive security system and program.
We support clients at all stages with our consulting, project management, installation, configuration, maintenance and management services for network infrastructure

The best solutions in security

Networking & Data Security Services

Basis IT has long experience in networking, access management, firewalls; it builds value for Cyber Security and data security on these infrastructure pillars.

Cyber Risk Assessment

The purpose of the Cyber Risk Assessment is to assess information and data security risks in enterprise information systems through analyses of an IT system from the perspective of system-side (on premise and cloud) and user-side infrastructure management technologies and techniques

Vulnerability Assessment e Penetration Testing

Information and data security management systems (Information Security Management Systems) include Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing among the fundamental preventive practices for Cyber Security.

Backup Solutions

Backup is a fundamental process adopted to prevent data loss, due to accidents or malicious events, from compromising: business, corporate reputation, and GDPR and regulatory violations.
Appropriate minimization of data security risks involves the adoption of both Backup and geo-located Disaster Recovery.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster Recovery is the primary solution for business continuity of IT systems and business processes.
DR reduces information and data security risks by means of activating a secondary IT infrastructure set up as a replica of the primary one that suffered the disruption; initiating DR quickly restores application functionality and access to user data.

Networking e Security

Networking & Data Security Services

Basis IT offers networking consulting and management services that find wide application in the context of on premise and Hybrid Cloud infrastructures, which include:

  • Network design and consulting
  • Connectivity sizing and delivery support
  • Installation and configuration of network, firewall and enterprise antivirus systems
  • Maintenance and monitoring of network equipment, switches, firewalls, routers, access points
  • Network Access Control: Identity Access Management, Active Directory, Password Management, multi-factor authentication.

Cyber Risk Assessment

The Assessment is a tool designed to support and facilitate the achievement of the following goals:

  • Risk Reduction in Cyber Security
  • Defining technical and organizational solutions and controls 
  • Initiating Cloud Migration and Digital Transformation Projects
  • Adoption of technical and organizational measures for the confidentiality, protection and integrity of personal data according to the GDPR
  • Compliance of IT managers and system administrators.

We conduct Cyber Risk Assessment activities in the following areas:


  • Data security policies
  • Organization and roles of information security
  • Information security from human resources and suppliers
  • Asset Management (HW, SW), Change Management

Protection and control

  • Data Center, Business Continuity and Redundancies in Information Security
  • Maintenance, Identity Access Management, Logging and monitoring on systems, User and administrator access control
  • Cryptography
  • Endpoint security
  • Transmission and network security
  • Monitoring

Accidents and Recovery

  • Backup, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity
  • Management of information security incidents and data breaches.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

The implementation of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services is a specialized area of CyberSecurity that aims to:

  • Highlight existing weaknesses and vulnerabilities of external systems exposed online and internal systems
  • Verify the effectiveness of the technological protection measures in place
  • Identify appropriate corrective actions with respect to Cyber Security best practices to keep the level of residual risk in line with customer business needs and impacts.

Backup Services

We manage the entire Backup system by opting for:

On Premise & Enterprise Backup

On Premise & Enterprise Backup services cover comprehensive management:

  • configuration of: disk drives and storage, Backup environment at the CED Data Processing Center on VMware, Hyper-V, DataCore, Nutanix.
  • Backup software administration, monitoring of incremental and total copy backup processes, policies, and reporting.

Backup as a Service on the Cloud

Backup as a Service on the Cloud services cover complete management:

  • Hosting and migration of the Backup environment to Public Cloud
  • Incremental backup forever: minimizes backup space and reduces the backup time window
  • multitenancy: integration with Active Directory for access management
  • Policy management and reporting.

Disaster Recovery Services

Basis IT manages the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity system installation, providing the services of:

  • Hosting of the DR infrastructure environment at the Data Center
  • Configuration, solution architect, and initial migration to the DR environment located in the Data Center
  • System maintenance, updates, patches, uploads, continuous monitoring of DR infrastructure
  • Periodic DR recovery tests: functionality, RTO, RPO.
  • Disaster Recovery plans to govern the continuity of IT services, organizational crisis management and incident management, preventive and recovery procedures in case of incidents.