Pair internal IT resources with a reliable partner for operational management of activities

Personalized service and risk reduction


We take over the management of the infrastructure that is outsourced by customers, always ensuring continuity and flexibility of service, on a pay-per-use basis.
As a managed service provider (MSP), we provide services, such as network, applications, infrastructure, and security, through continuous and regular support, ensuring their active administration at customer sites, in a data center provided by us, or in a third-party data center.

The scalability and breadth of our offerings, create a proposal that fits every type of company and need.
Managed Services optimize enterprise information systems, ensuring efficiency throughout the organization by reducing costs related to infrastructure management.

Why rely on our Managed IT Services



Shared investment with a partner with multiple expertise in different areas of Information Technology. 



Proactively managing the client’s infrastructure is in our best interest so that we do not have to provide frequent and costly interventions.



Fixed monthly fee, indexed to the number of stations, users, equipment and negotiable as needs change



Small and medium-sized enterprises with managed IT services can gain the experience and knowledge to compete the higher levels of the market.



Minimizing the time spent on managing an IT problem maximizes the time to spend on developing the most productive activities.



Outsourcing, involves prior standard setting and a comprehensive review of security measures 



By overcoming the limitations of one or more internal resources, the client has the opportunity to access the broadest network of expertise in the disciplines of IT


Inherent in the managed services model is our responsibility to manage any third-party service providers, software and hardware



In managed services we can provide all the necessary technology, making available equipment, architectures and workstations.



By constantly overseeing our clients’ IT architecture, we are able to solicit and suggest the technologies and innovations most akin to business development. 



By availing of our managed IT services, you can increase or decrease resources and service management capacity quickly and efficiently as customer needs change.



with solid experience in countering cybersecurity threats we ensure a consistent “Security by Design” approach to managing our clients’ infrastructures.

Service Desk

Cyber Security

Our managed security services provide customers with monitoring and management activities to assist them in protecting their network, data and assets. Acting as an extension of the in-house team, we monitor security events with world-class analysis, reporting and intervention capabilities. Our specialists in the initial phase conduct an in-depth analysis of the client’s cybersecurity issues to learn what level of defense the current Systems can provide. During the management period, Zero-Trust model processes will be implemented in order to restrict access to IT resources according to strict identity verification.



With comprehensive support ranging from installation to help desk, our professionals take charge of all activities related to enterprise device management, providing constant monitoring of the entire infrastructure connected to the user.
Workstation setup, telephone and remote support, on-site malfunction management, upgrades and patches, backup and restore in addition to asset and configuration management functions; these and many more are the services we can efficiently govern with a structure trained in the best practices of It Service Management.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Managed Services offers a complete backup and replication service for physical and virtual environments, ensuring maximum protection and security of corporate data.
With this solution, we back up data automatically and continuously, without risking the loss of information in case of malfunctions or technical problems.
The managed backup service, checks daily for successful backups and ensures data restorability whenever deemed necessary.
Comprehensive infrastructure management in managed services also allows us to ensure an excellent Business Continuity plan with detailed planning of Disaster Recovery procedures, technologies and architectures in case of loss due to software, hardware failures or Cyber attacks.

CloudBackup & DisasterRecovery

Technology Infrastructure

With our Managed Services, we ensure the ongoing efficiency of the IT infrastructure, engaging with remote and on-site activities to monitor network, servers, virtualization systems and Cloud h24/7.
Our team of technical experts continuously monitors the performance of the IT architecture in order to anticipate and resolve any problems before they can adversely affect the customer’s business, ensuring a seamless user experience.
We also handle all aspects related to Hybrid-cloud, from migration to security, from management to cost monitoring.
Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and reliable solution for managing the entire network infrastructure, freeing the customer from the worries of managing it and bringing additional value to their organization.

Sicurezza Gestita

Innovation and Digitalization

Availing Managed Services helps companies innovate and digitize by taking advantage of automation, data analytics, process digitization, collaboration and communication solutions.
As a managed service provider, we work alongside our clients to ensure that IT is continuously aligned with business objectives. By definition we do this proactively, because knowledge of the levers of innovation is part of our core business.
In the exercise of managed services, we are able to propose, advise and evaluate together with the client addresses, development plans, new architectures, service models, application software, consulting, technology providers and everything IT can enable in the specific context of the enterprise.

Choosing a Managed Services Provider not just to save money

Matching a managed service provider’s in-depth knowledge of technology offerings and best practices for IT management with the innovation needs of enterprises means reshaping the link between business need and supporting technology, making companies more resilient even and especially in today’s scenarios