Our Outsourcing services to ICT facilities, ensure end-user support from the first to third levels of support.



Choosing IT Outsourcing means externally entrusting the management and responsibility of the IT infrastructure to a specialized and qualified partner, with certain costs and guaranteed levels of efficiency.
Through the use of state-of-the-art tools and technologies, we offer clients a range of advanced and customized services to meet growth and productivity needs.


The advantages generated by outsourcing translate into strategic partnerships, increased efficiency and flexibility, speed of service and optimization of time and resources. The identification of concrete objectives and suitable means to achieve them is a prerequisite for a relationship of trust and cooperation to develop between client company and outsourcer.
We offer our experience in network infrastructure outsourcing, proposing versatility that allows us to give valid and quick answers to the realities with which we collaborate.
Our goal is to improve the strategic, organizational processes and value creation methods of the companies that rely on us through the sharing of resources, skills and know-how.

Cost Reduction

IT outsourcing enables clients to reduce their operational and investment costs in information technology. Instead of having to purchase and manage their own infrastructure, companies can outsource these activities to our specialized team, which takes , if required, responsibility for providing the necessary hardware, software and personnel. This allows the client to focus on business objectives while improving efficiency.

Access to specialized expertise

Outsourced management of the IT network, allows the client to access specialized skills and knowledge as, our highly qualified staff provides support and technical service based on experience, skills and technical resources that might otherwise not be available internally.


IT outsourcing flexibility refers to the ability to quickly adapt the resources and services we provide, to changing business needs, in terms of volume of work, type of solutions required, and level of specialization needed.

Focus on core business

With our IT outsourcing services, the client has more availability to devote to core business activities, without having to worry about technology management, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

Security enhancement

IT outsourcing enables companies to increase the security of their IT operations. As a provider, we are able to provide enhanced data and systems security through access to advanced technologies and highly skilled personnel.


We modulate and develop customizable outsourcing projects by working closely with the client to provide the best IT solution aimed at increasing efficiency and productivity.
We manage complex projects and provide innovative solutions aimed at infrastructure protection and faster achievement of business goals.
We implement the policies provided by the relevant ITSM model in IT outsoircing contracts and in particular:

  • Incident management: unplanned downtime or service interruption
  • Problem management: identifies and addresses the root causes that originate accidents
  • Change management: Change operations (installation, movement, addition or change) of any element of the infrastructure
  • Asset and configuration management: Monitoring and documenting the configuration of software and hardware assets
  • Service request management: new services from individual users or individual areas of the business.
  • Service catalog: menu or a portal that enables users to use IT services themselves.
  • Competency management: A knowledge base related to IT services within the organization 
  • Service level management: goal and measurement of service quality.
  • IT Service Desk: single point of contact (SPOC) to respond to and handle all incidents, problems, requests third-party vendor activities etc.


We thus cover a wide range of technology areas, such as cyber security, technical support management, infrastructure and applications, and provide the following services

Server Management
Workstation Management
Mobile device management
Storage, firewall and network equipment management
Backup service and verification
Disaster Recovery
Cyber security control and monitoring
Cloud services management
Management of contracts and third-party service providers
First and second level help desk
Infrastructure monitoring
Application support
Configuration management
License Management


We ensure best practices and the adoption of best reference standards in the delivery of our services

Our delivery model for IT outsourcing that follows ITSM policies with a precise framework of guidance to ITIL best practices includes:

  • Alignment between IT and business processes
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) tailored to the context and performance requirements
  • Tracking and escalation driven by service levels
  • Provision of a self-service web portal 
  • Escalation processes based on skill queues 
  • Management of priority and severity levels
  • SPOC (single point of contact) for all IT issues.  
  • Monthly reporting on all performance metrics  
  • Multichannel access (email, phone, web portal, whatsapp)
  • Multilingual user support