Tackling the challenges of digital

From cost to asset: a virtual infrastructure is key the growth of your business



Networking e Security

The definition of Cloud computing implies the notion of service, which falls into three main categories: “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS), “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) and “Software as a Service” (SaaS).
The Cloud is a service that enables the hosting of resources, software and Web applications, functioning according to some basic characteristics:

On-demand availability: the Cloud solutions are available almost instantaneously and their activation is done automatically. the Cloud is able to ensure a strong responsiveness in the deployment and use of infrastructure.

Granular costing: another major advantage is a cost based on actual consumption of resources and services. With “pay as you go,” there is no need to forecast future needs and invest in resources that remain unused.

Hardware abstraction: With the cloud, the concept of a disjunction between the hardware and the service being used is introduced: physical components no longer represent central elements for the user. The business no longer needs to worry about the hardware that supports the service, but can focus on using it and personalizing the experience offered by the service itself.


With the Cloud, we support clients in the digital transformation of the company, making it stronger and more resilient.

Strategy and Architecture

We work with clients to define their architecture, integrating security, resilience, and management models into a design that meets their business needs. We understand the need for cloud solutions that protect traditional investments and allow them to benefit from hybrid, multi-cloud, or hyperscaler models. In the complexity of today’s IT and hybrid environments, we offer value beyond the needs of managing your cloud environment alone.

Cloud Migration

We help our clients create secure, repeatable and scalable cloud environments. In accordance with strategy we determine which workloads are appropriate for the public cloud and which should remain in a private cloud.
We are able to propose Private Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings with fully managed compute as a service and storage as a service solutions.


We perform cloud analysis of your business and to help you determine which services would be appropriate to migrate to the cloud and which you might be better off managing locally. We will assess your business requirements, your systems, current costs, business impact, processes and security, and design you a configuration of your IT environment in the cloud.


On existing cloud environments, we provide support on all issues from applications to infrastructure.
We provide administration of your cloud services, offer monitoring, backup and restore management, cost control, and staff training so you can take advantage of all the features.


We offer our clients high-reliability infrastructure to perform cloud backups.
We take care of the design of the solution, its implementation and if necessary its day-to-day management.

Sharing and Collaboration

Through cloud services, we create virtual environments that facilitate team connection and collaboration and foster hybrid work environments.