Goals and benefits of implementing blockchain technology in the enterprise



Across all industries, all over the world, Blockchain is contributing to business transformation. There are several areas that Blockchain is revolutionizing, from supply chain to food distribution, financial services to government, retail and more.
Our Blockchain solutions are all inspired by a scalable, enterprise-use distributed system for different purposes, using a proven design framework that promotes operational agility with the customer while opening up new revenue streams.


To put blockchain at the heart of your digital transformation, we act as a partner to explore, establish, define and improve your solution.
These are some of our achievements:

Service and activity transparency system

Immutable and distributed recording of all transactions and activities pertaining to support services, customer care, maintenance etc.
Transparent recording of SLAs, time and performance that can be verified at any time by all parties involved, without the need for an intermediary.

Asset maintenance tracking

To ensure transparency, integrity and security of data related to the maintenance of an asset. Traceability of the asset itself, with automation in recording data related to all management operations.

Authenticity certification

Authenticity certification of products and documents to ensure the immutability and integrity of related data. With advanced encryption and the use of consensus algorithms, the system resists manipulation and fraud.

Non-compliance management

Transparency of non-compliance information. Allows all data related to violations to be transparently and immutably recorded and shared. Access to information of products that do not meet standards and specifications. Structure of processes for collaboration and management of effective solutions.

Warranties and Claims management

System to manage and track the entire warranty and claims management process, increasing stakeholder confidence. Automates securely verification of claims with approval and rejection functionality based on pre-determined rules.

Time stamp

Certification process using blockchain to give certain date to any type of file and at the same time verify its integrity

Contract Registration

Ensures the integrity and immutability of the contract, making it impossible to change or manipulate the recorded data. By decentralizing the technology, the parties involved can sign the contract independently and securely, without the need for a trusted third party. Traceability of amendments, changes in clauses and related transactions.

Digital payments

Various solutions applied to different contexts and business models to ensure Payment security, Elimination of intermediaries, Transaction tracking, Payment status monitoring, Payment conditionality. Enterprise wallet management.

Inter-subject transaction management

Transaction management system for physical assets, takings, rentals, loans, temporary possession, Credit/Debt systems. Provides numerous benefits in terms of integrity, transparency, security and process simplification.

Direct financing

Direct financing solutions for companies and projects, that is, financing by private investors without the intermediation of a bank or traditional financial institution.


Programs Implementation for transparency and security of loyalty programs Tokenization of loyalty points, exchange and sale functions, application of corporate cryptocurrency.

NFT and tokenization

Various Solutions and implementations for the fundraising process. Allow the issuance of digital tokens or cryptocurrencies that can be sold to investors or users of services and products. Valid alternative to traditional stocks or bonds. Implementation of “play to earn” style solutions in corporate settings and for innovative business models.

Donations and charities

System for ensuring transparency in the use of funds and monitoring their use. Disintermediation of the donation process, traceability of the charitable organization’s supply chain.

Decentralized finance

Applications Applications for value exchange and conversion of assets and services into digital tokens with exchange and trading capabilities. Tokenization of industrial assets or activities, exchange platforms between supplier entities and trading partners.

Voting system

For the prevention of voting manipulation, sabotage, intrusion, and identity violation.


iuScribo plays a key role in the digitization process of companies, as it enables them to automate a wide range of tasks, simplifying daily actions and improving work efficiency and accuracy.