Technical assistance 4.0

Do you want to ensure constant support to your customers by reducing travel costs and expenses?

Are you interested in exploiting the potential of new technologies to make maintenance or inspection more efficient?

Do you want to speed up troubleshooting for your customers and, at the same time, simplify training for younger technicians?

Are you interested in increasing the timeliness and efficiency of the maintenance activity by creating a historical memory for subsequent interventions?

Do you want to provide immediate, real-time and supervised assistance even in distant countries?

uAssist is the Augmented Reality software you need!

uAssist is the Basis IT solution that combines the functionality of service management software with Augmented RealityMore timeliness, more efficiency and a significant reduction in expenses.

According to several reports, 82% of organizations that have used Augmented Reality and have switched to the 4.0 tool case in recent years have found benefits equal or higher than their expectations.

The ideal sectors of uAssist

Plant engineering

Repair, maintenance and installation companies

Machinery Manufacturing

Companies manufacturing industrial machinery


Manufacturing companies

Thanks to the use of “smart” goggles or a simple smartphone, with uAssist the field technician is guided and supervised in real time throughout the operation, accelerating the resolution of the fault and avoiding the customer the downtime.

Without having to move from your desk and with any device, the experienced operator can “transfer” his knowledge to the technician in the field: the Reality Increases by uAssist, in fact, it will allow him to draw in freeze mode the exact point where there is need to intervene, clearly showing him the operations to do. With goggles, then, the surgery becomes even safer and more efficient!

Once the activity is over, uAssist stores everything in its database and creates a fundamental historical memory for subsequent interventions or the training of the youngest.

Le principali funzionalità di uAssist

Expert diagnosis and remote support to field technicians

Using uAssist, the onsite technician will be guided and supervised in real time by an expert. This saves costs and travel times, reducing the customer’s downtime and downtime.

Component inspections

With uAssist, component and equipment inspection is done remotely and in assistive and supervised mode with limited use of costs and times of equipment and resources.

Safety support and training

Thanks to uAssist, an expert guides the new onsite technicians to ensure that they complete their work safely and efficiently.

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