Constant innovation is the driver through which businesses can grow, create new business models and achieve competitive advantage.

For this reason, we are always keen to respond to the needs of businesses that look for innovative solutions that cannot be found on the market.

It is precisely the approach of using technology to respond to emerging requirements that led to the creation of Ubadge, the App that turns a smartphone into a smart badge.

With Ubadge:

  • ID cards are integrated in smartphones
  • You choose who can access the office
  • You can open your office doors securely from wherever you are.

To use Ubadge simply apply the Ubadge Remote Relay or any other Web Relay Card that can be managed by http/https protocol. A website with an intuitive, easy-to-use control window allows access permits to be managed with just a few clicks. Finally, it is through the App (available for Android and for iOs) that employees, collaborators and guests can gain access to the company, at the times established by you and only in the areas where they are authorised.

Ubadge is the ideal solution for managing access to co-working spaces for innovative businesses looking for solutions combining security and technology. It also allows big companies employing a large number of people to have greater control over corporate security.

Visit the Ubadge site and discover how it can fit the needs of your business.

Discover how Ubadge can fit the needs of your business and make your office smarter.